Terms and Conditions

Please read this terms and conditions stated below outlining important information regarding the use or our services.

We aim to always take care of every issue you will have as a customer using our services and we’ve included many of these terms to legally protect your rights.

So, if you find an issue using our services, feel free to email us at sales@Gypmo.global and we’ll do our best to solve it in a doable and fair range of time.

Regarding the payments of our monthly fees, they are processed securely through our payment gateway after the app is published for you to test and confirm data.

There is a considerable amount of hours of work of a considerable number of people to design, model, project, develop, build, refine, test and publish your apps at both Apple and Play stores, for iOs and Android.

With that being said, your apps will be built and our hours of work will require financial compensation. Considering that, we do not issue refunds after an app is built.

If there is a problem with one of the apps we built or if you or any of your users experience any issues with one of your apps, we will solve it in a doable and fair range of time.

After your app is cleared for your testing, you will have 24 hours to inspect it and test it in order to find any errors, bugs or content issues. After this period of time, your apps will be published automatically.

Our support covers your app’s monthly maintenance, bug fixes – if you discover and report any bugs on it - we will we will solve it in a doable and fair range of time.

And if you have any doubts or need more information about our policies, feel free to send us an email using our form here or directly on sales@Gypmo.global.