Why Learmachs built Sofia?

Two people working on something is better than just one.

But a strong server with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning algorithms working for you, is better than two people.

SOFIA was built to harness the power of AI, Big Data and Machine Learning, delivering value, quality, and certainty to you, to your business and its entire operation. Because SOFIA considers all aspects and sides of your operation, and not just one.

Is it possible to optimize my business using SOFIA?

Yes, SOFIA will optimize your entire operation because it will analyze and consider every aspect of your business, and not just one or two criterias.

The world’s biggest banks are using Artificial Intelligence to save costs, to redesign processes, and to save time, as well as to innovate.

Artificial Intelligence Tax Operational System

What Can You Get From SOFIA?


Best Possible Scenario

SOFIA will run and test several possible operational scenarios for you and your business, analyzing 1.740 data points.


7 Criterias Considered

SOFIA will consider 7 different criterias: assets protection, succession, taxes, armoring, societary, cap table and labor.


Massive Use of Technology

SOFIA will analyze thousands of possibilities using Artificil Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning algorithms.

What can you expect from SOFIA?

SOFIA Key Advantages


Artificial Intelligence is altering industries from finance to manufacturing with new products, processes and capabilities.

Companies as Heyneken, Bank of America, Santander, Warner Bros., Hyundai, Under Armor, Salesforce, and so many others, are using AI and Machine Learning to improve and optimize scenarios.

The competitive gain AI gives is so strong, that today's Forbes 500 companies are using this technology somehow.

And through the amount of accounting, finance, legal, fiscal, patrimonial, labor and tributary data analyzed by SOFIA, your business will get optimized, improved, and unbeatable.

"It took Learmachs just 20 days to set up a company, to have our business in an office, with an entire team of pre-selected developers and to have our operation transfered from NY to SP. Thanks to the quickest and experienced guys from Learmchs."


John McCabe

CEO, Faztr

"We always thought that it would take us a 6-12 months to have a financial operation in Brazil. Well, astonishingly, it tooks us only 25 days. Now we have labor costs down by 75% and taxes down by 82%, moving from California to Sao Paulo."


Mike Horowitz

CEO, Yetz

"The pandemic hit hurt our wine business real bad because we lost our entire workforce. The only option left: get out of UK and moving to South America. Operating from Chile, our business model recovered and is up and running. After only 30 days."


Albert Paiva

CEO, iWines

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