What Learmachs did so far?

We are an innovative and technological accounting firm, specialized in domestic and foreign operations. And to judge if Learmachs is a fit for you business, take a look at what we did recently.

From Finance to Engineering, Cripto to Loans, Learmachs is reshaping the accounting scenario into a modern, tech-driven, innovative, and a higly sophisticated environment.

Soon, we want to see your business, as one of our best cases.

What makes an accounting firm to be the best option for you?

Speed, technology, productivity, effectiveness, value, efficiency, data-driven: these are the benefits you want when hiring an accounting firm.

Through SOFIA, we are delivering a 360-degree vision to our clients, and they are experiencing a brand deeply rooted in quality and specialization.

Brazilian Operation

Sharp Engineering S/A


Sharp is one of the most promising construction companies nowadays, and Learmachs is proud of being part of that.

For Sharp, Learmachs designed and formed an operational structure that gives shares to its employees.

Through vesting and stock options, Sharp shows its core values: innovation, commit to excelence, talents retention, relationships driven, and consistency.

As a model, Learmachs used Silicon Valley's best companies vesting formats: Google, Apple, Tesla, and others, to deliver the best stock options for Sharp.

International Operation



ILDM Bank is an amazing company, managed by a great team.

Disruptive, tech driven, innovative, and destined to be great, this company is a very promising business and it is on track to be a payments institution registered at the Brazilian Central Bank.

Learmachs used its expertise forming fintechs and structuring financial operations, in Brazil, London and in Dubai.

To achieve it, Learmachs followed a huge set of national and international laws and regulations, and the result is a strong operation, an amored structure, and a societary scenario destined to protect ILDM's assets, capital, customers, co-founders and investors.

Brazilian Operation

Maxi Capital S/A


From Brazilian northeast, this company started to take the financial scenario by storm, replacing closed bank branches with its own agencies, and supporting abandoned customers.

Now, MaxiPay has hundreds of agencies covering several estates.

To structure its operation, Learmachs used the best and strongest scenario designed by SOFIA, in order to form and constitute MaxiPay.

Now, Learmachs is working with Brazilian regulatory agencies in order to change MaxiPay into a financial institution, capable of developing more financial products, serving its customers with loans, insurance, payments, investments and more.

International Operation

PR Global S/A


This is the innovative, experienced, and great PR agency your business should hire to work for you.

With a deeply rooted reputation delivering quality and effectiveness worldwide, PR Global's built an international banking and payments operation through SOFIA and Learmachs.

Doing that, this company became one of the few international players with a quite large set of customers worldwide.

At Learmachs, we are so proud of this case, that we also choose them as our global communication agency. But neither we or them, will stop at only this recent achievement.

"It took Learmachs just 20 days to set up a company, to have our business in an office, with an entire team of pre-selected developers and to have our operation transfered from NY to SP. Thanks to the quickest and experienced guys from Learmchs."


John McCabe

CEO, Faztr

"We always thought that it would take us a 6-12 months to have a financial operation in Brazil. Well, astonishingly, it tooks us only 25 days. Now we have labor costs down by 75% and taxes down by 82%, moving from California to Sao Paulo."


Mike Horowitz

CEO, Yetz

"The pandemic hit hurt our wine business real bad because we lost our entire workforce. The only option left: get out of UK and moving to South America. Operating from Chile, our business model recovered and is up and running. After only 30 days."


Albert Paiva

CEO, iWines

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